The Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FKE), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia offers the Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) - SEE programme on part-time basis that focuses on producing well-balanced graduates in terms of acquiring Electrical and Electronics engineering knowledge as well as generic skills. This is in line with the mission and the vision of the University and Faculty in fulfilling its aspirations. The curriculum emphasizes on fundamental as well as specialized courses in Electrical and Electronics engineering. It has been designed to provide opportunities for the part-time students to gain total learning experiences through their participation in extra-curricular and collegiate activities. The Department is continuously improving the quality of the SEE programme particularly in the areas of curriculum development and delivery, educational resources and programme evaluation through its collaboration with the industries.

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Since first introduced in 1995 the programme has managed to attract personnel from various industrial sectors in their effort towards career advancement. The experience and exposure that they have gained at the industry has in fact become an added advantage to them when following the programme. Since the currently ongoing SEE programme is a 4-year programme and the students who started off with a previous 5-year programme are yet to complete their studies, the approach that has been taken is to introduce equivalent course codes. With this approach, although there are some differences in the number of credits assigned for each course, the syllabus content and curriculum are retained according to the programme duration.

Graduates of the SEE  programme  are  expected  to  have  specialized  knowledge  in  Electrical  and  Electronics engineering. The graduates are also expected to have the knowledge in experimental, design and communication skills to prepare them for continuing education at the graduate level or for positions that require the knowledge in Electrical and Electronics engineering. The SEE curriculum has been designed to emphasize on the understanding and acquisition of basic principles and skills.  The programme consists of core and elective Electrical Engineering courses, specialized Electrical and Electronics Engineering courses as well as the related general education and non-technical courses offered both at the Faculty and University levels.