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Capstone Project

Since 2007, the program has included a Problem/project based laboratory (PBLab) in its curriculum. The laboratory is offered in the 1st semester of the final year as a 2 credit-hour course. Since its commencement, the PBLab has been revised and improved in terms of implementation and assessment as part of the course continuous quality improvement (CQI). A recent review on the PBLab has identified a few gaps in the course outcomes that can be filled in by converting the PBLab to a Capstone Project course.

Capstone project will include those contributed by the industry as means to expose the students to the real world situation as an Electrical Engineer. In addition, the Capstone Project course will also contribute to the enhancement of the students’ generic skills in terms of project management which covers not only the technical but also the financial issues. In the designed assessment, skills such as problem solving, computer literacy, team work, communication skills, and even the readings of professional material will be assessed.

The capstone project for SEE/SKEE/SKEL SPACE program commenced in short semester in 2016/17 session, where the first student cohort of SKEE curriculum entering their 4th year of study. All remaining student of SEE who has not done the 4th year PBL Laboratory are also taking the capstone project in place of the obsolete course, i.e 4th year PBL Laboratory.

Jul 3, 2017, 12:36 AM